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Lily LaRue Burly-Q

Classic Burlesque with a modern twist

Lily LaRue
25 June
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I grew up feeling inferior to the women that I saw on TV, in movies, and in magazines... I also had access to all the free Dairy Queen I wanted, if that gives you any idea of what size young lady I was. I always wanted to be an actress, but felt that it wasn’t possible because those women were were much skinnier than I was. Our society had placed such an emphasis on the idea of a beautiful woman being ONLY the ones who were extremely skinny, and conformed to one standard look,and I believed what the media told me.

One day, I was flipping through the channels on TV, and I came across a documentary on burlesque. I began to research burlesque, and pin-up girls from the 40's and 50's, and think about what was considered attractive in the past, and realized that I was actually beautiful.

This is the greatest gift I have learned from burlesque. Through my research of the women of the past, and the women (and men) who perform today. I have discovered that there are many performers out there who don’t conform to body and appearance standards we see on mainstream TV, film, and magazines, and they are beautiful, and sexy.. Why is this? Because they believe they are, and they have the attitude and the confidence and they show it!

I think the neo-burlesque movement is important because we need to show that beauty and sexuality exists in many different body sizes, shapes, ethnicity, colors, and styles.
It is important to show that beautiful women exist in many different packages. I don’t think any good comes from the standardizing what is considered attractive or those that admire them.
I believe that a woman should express her beauty, and her body intelligently and creatively in any manner if she chooses, without guilt or regret.
For these reasons, and to honor myself, all women, and the beautiful and talented performers of this art in the past, present years to come.....
I am a burlesque dancer.